Provider Education & Child Experience

I am enrolled in the Early Achievers Program "Making sure all children are ready for Kindergarten"

. I have been a licensed in home provider  for 24 years.

In high school, I took child development courses and worked in school daycare. I was also a “big sister” to an 8-year-old for two years.

I coached 6th grade girls soccer until they were in the 12th grade 1978-1983.

I taught Sunday school for 5 years 1988 - 1993.

In 1989, I was involved in my sons Co-Op preschool in which I earned credits in child development.

In 1990-1992, I was a full time nanny for two children, 

1993-1996 I coached  boys soccer.

1997 I attended WA State Daycare convention.

1997  Two parenting classes and a class on "Building Self Esteem in our children"

1999, Became a licensed In-Home Daycare Provider. I took a college course called the Stars Program, which is a childcare class for daycare providers. This course is required by the State to be a licensed Daycare Provider.

2000 I took a class called “Maximizing Washington's Brain Power”.

It is required that all daycare providers have 10 credits a year in childhood development classes.

2002, CPR class and HIV class.

2002 classes: Disaster Preparedness, Playground Safety, Common Illnesses, S.I.D.S., Childhood Rash, Coping with a Crying Baby, Time Management.

2003 classes: Basic Child Develop: Toddler 2, Preschool 1 and 2, Basic Curriculum 1, 2, 3, Basic Behavior Management 1, Back Care, Daycare Financial Analysis, Managing Stress.

2004 classes: Working with Humor, Behavior Management II. Behavior Management III, Child Development Toddler I, Basic Cleanliness, Curriculum IV, Observation and Assessment, Child Development, The Brain, Bone Health, Holiday Arts and Crafts.

2005-2013 classes: Behavior Management I Discipline, Drama Art and Science, Coping with Crying Baby, Dealing with Difficult People, Financial Basics, Managing Stress, Child Development: Toddler II, Preschool 1 and 2, Lesson Planning, Language Arts and Music, Back Car, Daycare Financial Analysis, Learning and Planning.

2016 - I am current with CPR and First Aid. I have completed 10 credits of Early Childhood Education for 2014-2015.

At time of interview, parents will be given list of all education taken by provider  that are not posted on my website.